How Will You Remember 2020?

Stephanie Fleming
2 min readOct 1, 2020


Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Everything is not okay, and that’s okay.

How will you remember 2020?

This roller coaster horror movie of a year

Heighten fear
Peeking anxiety
Blatant white supremacy
Out of control politics

America’s awaited unraveling begun,
Loss and more loss.

How will you remember 2020?
What will you say 10 years from now when someone asks how you survived? How you coped?
When they ask how did you recover from 2020?
Who did you lose in 2020?
What did you learn from 2020?

January 1st couldn’t come any quicker.

Often I feel like I’m in a movie
A bad dream I can’t wake out of
It’s difficult to find joy and success in this year riddled with so much hurt
It’s easy to feel guilty for stability, or happiness or achieving goals
But life goes on…

With or without your consent.

The sun rises and sets

Birds migrate, seasons change, and you grow older all the while
I’m struggling.
We are struggling
My people are struggling
My spirit tells me this is America’s last straw.

I tried leaving America and returned for the man I love.
I think about that often.
Complicated, complex, deeply rooted feelings and thoughts about every part of this country.
I get anxious thinking about the November election.
My stomach churns and my head aches
My eyes water thinking about how I was one of the people that said no way Trump could win in 2016.
But he did. I cried and slept in the next morning not interested in going to class. I wore black mourning the early death of America.

Here we are 4 years later and I dare not make any statements like I did before. But I tell you the fear and fire that I feel in my spirit at the thought of this occupant’s fear tactics working to win and get re-elected are too furious to describe.


The longest, shortest, fastest, most drawn out, and dangerous year of my existence so far.

Hold on tight

Love your loved ones

And don’t put up with anyone’s bullshit cause life is too short.

We still have 3 more months to go,

Take note.

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